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It is not so easy after all..


There seems to be a common misconception when it comes to mission trips.
In this generation, it is becoming sort of the cool thing to do to go to foreign countries and take pictures with little babies to set as your profile picture on Facebook.
Because of this, I think that many people might be getting the idea that a mission trip is like a little vacation.
This could not be any farther from the truth.

I was sitting in my Mexico meeting the other night, preparing for our trip that is leaving in like 15 days, and we were discussing all of the rules that we have to abide by while we are there, planning our vacation Bible school that we are putting on for the children, and going over all of the ins and outs that go along with going on this trip.
It was in that moment that I realized that doing these trips is hard work. In order for it to be really successful and good, we have to literally put our whole hearts into planning and preparation. That is the only way that it will have an effect on us and more importantly, the orphans of Ensenada.

This might be obvious to some, but I will admit that I did not realize when I signed up for the City of Children trip how much work would go into preparing us for going down there. By no means has it changed my mind about my love for missions, but I do feel like people who are considering missions should no that is a big undertaking.

But Lord knows that the rewards are so much more bountiful than the work put in.

Have any stories about mission trip preparation struggles? Tell me below!