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Mesmerized by Mexico


Mexico has my heart.
I am struggling to find a way to put into words what a blessing this trip was for me without selling it short. I simply don’t think there is a way for me to convey what an effect it had on me and is still having on me back in the states, but I will begin by telling you a bit of what I did down there.
First, check out this view.
That was one of the first things that amazed me about Mexico. It is absolutely stunning.
The thing about it, however, was that there were these beautiful hills and ocean views surrounded by utter poverty.
One day that we were there, we got to go out into the city and see where some of the children in the orphanage had come from. We brought food to give them and prayed over them when we got to their houses.
It was such an eye-opening experience because though they had literally nothing to their names; they were so joyful and thankful. I could not help but question why we let such small things have an effect on us and how we could take so many things for granted. My team and I all had to kind of sit down and reevaluate after seeing the things we did in the city.
The best part though, was the kids.
My heart still hurts to think about them, especially the way they loved us with a huge, open love that we didn’t deserve.
I got to learn about the places that some of them came from, places that I could not fathom, and I quickly realized that I might not have been having as big of an effect on them as they were on me.
Whether it was having them paint my nails four different colors on one hand, drawing each other with chalk on the sidewalk, or them beating me at every single card game we played, I was able to see through their eyes how simply real joy could be found.
It was most definitely one of the saddest moments when I had to tell all of them goodbye.
my girls
But this realization that the ones we serve can change us more than we change them brings everything that I believe about mission trips full-circle.
I am not sure if we would be able to learn the things at home that I learned on this trip. It is a chance for us to not only serve and do what Jesus has called us to do, but also it is a huge chance for us to grow in our faith as well.
That is something that cannot be traded in.
The City of Children trip was hands-down one of the best weeks of my life, and I could not have picked a better way to spend my spring break. Did you serve somewhere this spring break too? Tell me about it below.