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How do I raise money to go on a mission trip?


For some, the most daunting and discouraging part of planning a mission trip is figuring out how to raise funds.
However, fundraising has become crafted into something that can be easily accomplished and should not be a reason to not go on a trip. I have learned a few things about fundraising myself and compiled a list of the ones that I feel work the best.

1. Write letters.
For my trip, this has been our main method of fundraising. We write letters to family members, churches, family friends, and anyone who we feel would donate. Be sure to fully explain where the money will be going and what you will be doing that way the donators will not think that the money is going to your bank account.

2. Channel your inner artist.
Lots of money can be made from selling hand-made items. My roommate knitted hats and made quite a bit of money for her trip by selling them. I also had a friend who had a knack for painting the most beautiful canvases, and she raised a chunk of change by making them for customers too. I like this way because it is a way to raise money and not feel like you are just asking for it.

3. Create a Facebook page.
The world we live in is so surrounded by technology that it is smart to include technology in your fundraising. You can create a Facebook page that tells about your trip and what you are doing, and then link it to a page where people can donate online. It is quick and easy, and on a page people can get a visual of what you will be doing.

4. Again, pray about it.
The thing about mission trips is that God will provide. He will let you know which one is for you, and he will get you there. There have been so many cases where trips don’t know if they will be able to get the funds together, and then something just clicks at the end. It works out because God will take care of it.

A Few Precious Babies

Also, here are a few babies from the City of Children,
just because I am too excited.

Have any cool stories about fundraising or how God provided last minute? Share with me below!