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How to choose the right mission trip


Choosing a mission trip to go on quite possibly might be the hardest part of the mission trip process. There are so many people in need and so many places that need love; you might feel as if you are being pulled in many different directions. To help ease the confusion of choosing, I have compiled a list of things to consider when it comes time to decide where you want to go.

1. Feel out several different options.
The first step is to educate yourself on all the possibilities out there. Lipscomb, the university which I attend, held a missions fair that introduced around 27 different trips around the world. It could have been a little overwhelming, but it was good for me to see all of the different places that I could go to. When you are more aware, your heart is more susceptible to the tug that your mission trip will give you.

2. Find out the work that will be done on trips that you are interested in.
It is important to remember that wherever you end up, you will not be there on vacation. Instead you will be there to put your heart into whatever work is going on in that place. Because of this, it is so important to make sure you feel for whatever you will be doing. If you do not believe in or have a passion for what a trip is doing, it is not the one for you.

3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to these trips.
I am going to an orphanage in Mexico called the City of Children in a little over a month, and I knew that that was the trip for me simply because I fell in love with the idea of loving on these babies and sharing God’s story with them. I allowed my heart to be tugged, and it was so obvious that that was the one for me. I believe the same thing will happen to each person if they are vulnerable.

4. Pray about it.
If you have done all of your research and looked into everything yet still do not know where to go, pray about it. You will be doing this work in the name of Christ, so it makes sense that you should consult him no matter what. Pretty soon it should be apparent where he is leading you, for he is unfailing and gives great advice.

At the end of the day, do not forget that wherever you go you are doing a beautiful thing in being the hands and feet of Jesus. No matter what trip you choose you are being a good servant.

Have any further advice for choosing a mission trip to go on? Comment below!